03 April 2008

Pens Down Flyers; Clinch Division

Last night, the Pens downed the Flyers 4-2 in their final home game of the season. Gonchar and Malkin each had goals and Crosby had 2. Fleury was in net and played a stellar game. The game was very physical from the start. George Laraque going heavy weight on knocking a helmet 75 feet down the ice was a highlight in my mind. The crowd was electric. Philly was out for blood and they went for it. It was a nasty game and I can only imagine what it will escalate to in Philly on Sunday. I typically don't call out the refs, but Kerry Fraser makes me want to hit something. I have absolutley no problem wit refs being lax or overly precise, but pick one and stick with it for the whole game and act the same way towards both teams. He called questionable penelties on both sides and then let obvious ones go. There was no consistancy in the officiating.

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