07 April 2008

Pens Lose Regular Season Finale to Flyers; Will Face Ottawa in 1st Round

Well, the regular season came to an anti-climatic end. Yesterday afternoon, the Pens fell to the Flyers 2-0. Sidney Crosby did not play. It was also the much anticipated return of Gary Roberts. Roberts seemed to play fairly well. It took a little to get him going, but, for missing as muchc time as he did, he played well. Gary will be a major asset in the playoffs. Malkin entered the game 6 points behind Ovechkin for the scoring title and the Pens never scored. The Pens played it safe. They did not want the heated rivalry to cost them. No injuries means a better shot in the playoffs. I will say that Fleury played a solid game. It is time for playoff hockey...

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