06 February 2007


Hey pens fans,
With the trade deadline just around the corner, it is time for one of my favorite things, trade rumors. A lot of fnames have bee thrown around so far and many more will be, as well. I have heard from sources that the Pens are shopping Thibault and Rutuu. As of yet, I have not heard of any particular offer with any team. The Pens are looking to add some grit to the lineup and I am hearing that they are looking at Tom Poti and Todd Bertuzzi. I have also heard Mike Knuble, but not as much. This time of year I can probab;y find a rumor for just about any player in the league. I am telling you the ones that I have actually heard from a reliable source. These rumors are deals that are actually being discussed. I want to just inform everyone, as I do each year near the deadline, these are rumors. If I title it rumors, it is just that a rumor or possibility. If a trade is made, I will announce it, as such.

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