01 February 2007

Arena Update

Hey pens fans,
Well, all sources are saying a announcemnet will be made in regards to the arena at any time now. Many people are saying it is a deal and they are finishing up the dotting of the i's and crossin of the t's. Others will not cocmment as to if the deal will happen or the team will aounce a move, but they too agree it will be made public soon. These negotiations have been hard to get any leaks from, because there are so few people involved and most of the people the team emmploy's know nothing more than the rest of us. Hopefully, the annnounce will come soon and will keep the team here. I think its time for the entire city to keep its proverbial fingers crossed. Also, if the deal does fall through please sign my petition so it can be sent to the league to try and keep the team. the link is above. Also, the Pens take on Montreal at the Mellon Arena tonight.

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