30 January 2010


Hey Pens' Fans,

I really haven't heard much in the line of rumors that involve the Pens. Everyone is talking Kovalchuk and there is little else out there that anyone is noticing. When there is a big rumor, as big as, this one, a lot of things fall by the wayside and we get blindsided by some of the deals. I know that Shero is going to do something. I think is will more than likely be on a small scale. I don't forsee any of the "Craig Patrick-like" blockbusters occuring, but he may move multiple players. I wouldn't be suprised, if nothing much goes down before the Olympic break. There is a key fact to remember: Just because there is a trade freeze during the break, does not mean that the GMs won't have a long time to talk and line things up for when that is lifted. I don't think that the deadline for the trade freeze will be anywhere near, as active as, the true trade deadline.
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