25 January 2010

It is that Time of the Year...

... rumor time that is.

Here is what I have heard so far on the Pens rumor front. This year is just liek the others with outlandish rumors coming out of everywhere and some credible ones surfacing in ways I would not imagine. I have heard the Pens connected to everyone from Kovalchuck, to Selanne, to Neidermayer. I personally don't think these are extrememly likely, but we have all seen stranger things. In the past few years, the rumor that would not die was Recchi to the Pens. That is not the case this year, but Sykora to the Pens seems to be the current trend. I do not forsee this occuring. He has been on waivers and no one, including the Pens bit. I think this may be the rumor we all dread to hear and will continue to hear over and over again.

Now onto the rumors that seem to have more real potential or, at least intrigue. One rumor that I have been hearing is that the Pens are taking a look at Raffi Torres, of Columbus. Now, I like this rumor. I think Torres would fit into our team. He has 16 goals so far this season and is not afraid to shoot the puck. His style compliments nicely with our lineup and the current vibe is that the Blue Jackets will move him before the deadline. Another credible rumor that has some merrit, would be that of the Pens interest in Alexei Ponikarvosky. this is another play that would fit and also fit in our cap like Torres. Ponikarovsky has been a stable player for the Leafs and with current play they need a shakeup and this may be a move they try.

Now on the front of who the Pens are trying to shop to other teams, it has been pretty quiet. I have not heard who would be someone to lose on any consistant basis. The names that I have seen tossed around oin rumor land are: Dupuis, Skoula, McKee,and Eation. I have not seen any of these in enough places or with enough credibility to put much stock in it yet. I have seen it enough to not ignore, however.

I will have more on the rumors as I hear it. Please feel free to post your thoughts or rumors as a comment and I will see what I can find for you.

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