25 February 2008


Hey Pens Fans,
With the trade deadline tomorrow, there are many rumors out there. Some border on sheer insanity and others are likely. I would look for the Pens to do something. They will not stay silent and not make a move. Two names that seem to be likely are Jay Mckee and Robert Lang. Jay McKee makes tons of sense and would fit into our team. As for Robert Lang, I do not see this happening, but I could be wrong. I don't see why we would want him back. Ollie Jokinen seems like a very unlikely possibility. I don't see the Pens going after him, unless a great deal falls into their lap and he is drawing so much interest that I do not see that happening. Hossa will not become a Penguin and from what I am hearing the Pens were never involved in those talks. A name that we have been shopping is Ruutu. He is "likely" to be part of a "pending deal" that is "likely" to occur. So, Pens fans don't rush out and buy your Rutuu jerseys until after the deadline tomorrow to make sure that he is still a Penguin. More later...

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