25 February 2008

Pens Drop 2 this Weekend and Trade Deadline Update

Hey Pens Fans,

On Saturday, the Pens fell to the Senators 4-3 in OT. It was a bit of a heartbreaker with the loss coming in the last seconds. Overall, the team played a good game and should be pleased with their play.

Sunday was not quite as good. The Zamboni blwoing a transmission and leaking red fluid all over center ice after the pregame skate should have been an omen of the game to come. It looked like a ritual sacrifice of cattle at center ice. The first period looked, as though the blood bath would continue. The Pens played a horrible first period and had 18 miutes in penelties. They came back and played a solid couple of periods to end in a 1-1 tie on Christensen's goal. They held tough in the OT for the shootout. The shootout was not our most stellar and Conklin really drorpped the ball on this one. He was obviously mad at himself, as he stormed off the ice at the end. Final 2-1 Sharks.

Trade Deadline
Well, it is fast approaching and I will be posting all the time as my trade deadline watch has begun. This means that tonight is the last that I will sleep until after the deadline on Tuesday to provide you with round the clock coverage. Don't look for the Pens to land a big name. We are not going to give up a ton for a name and jeoporadize the future. More later.....

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