16 September 2012

Bettman's Third Lockout

Hey Pens Fans,
As you are aware, the lockout is on. We heard the word lockout and suddenly have flash backs to theresa of seven years ago and the cancelled season or back even further to the shortened season of 94-95. In 18 years , we have had three lockouts. That is absurd. What other sport would stand for this? Should the first priority of the commissioner be to make sure the sport is played. Come on Bettman. How that man still has his job continues to astound me every day, but I digress... The focus needs to be on the lockout. Right now it is not as bad as it was 7 years agos. The side are not as ridiculously far apart. Last time the players made some huge concessions and anyone will say that the league obviously came out the winners. That's also part of the issue. Yes it's not as bad with the separation between sides, but the NHLPA is not budging much as of yet. Why should they? The league needs to make comprises and are asking for more and more and wanting less and less for the players. Right now only some preseason games are cancelled and we are from having to cancel or shorten the season yet, but that is what we thought last time too. Honestly, I don't think this time will be as bad. Again a major point of contention is the salary cap. I will have more details on what the issues are as the sides resume meeting. For now, keep the faith that the season won't be lost.

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