09 February 2010

Snowy Days

Hey Pens' Fans,

Well, the past few days have been a bit hectic with all the snow.  So, let me summarize the past few days.  First, the Pens fell to Montreal.  I will be honest with all the snow and issues caused by it I did not see any part of the game, at all.  From what I have seen in clips and such since then I can't form a really good opinion, but I can say that it looks like that we made a fairly good effort.  Now, the trip from there to DC was quite the trip for the guys: flying into Newark and bussing into DC and still being on I 95 outside Philly at 11:30 at night with a game at 12 the next day.  I give them credit for playing such a good game.  I expected the team to be completely drained.  It was a tough game and I hate that we lost, but at least it was in OT and we got one point.  The only thing that really angers me is that Ovechkin got the HT.  Tomorrow, the Pens will be at home against the Islanders.  It should be a good game and they have had a couple days to rest after the hectic weekend.  It should be a good game.  I hope everyone is able to make it to the game tomorrow, with the impending forecast.  Drive Safe and Let's Go Pens!   See you at the game...

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