04 March 2009

Deadline Day Deals and Rumors

Satan was placed on waivers would clear around 12 today. I would think that he won't be a penguin after today, but that may be wishful thinking.

Former Pens Gary Roberts was placed on waivers by Tampa.

Pens are said to be looking at Prucha.

Pens are also said to be lookin at the jokinen deal that will likely go down.

Word is the pens still want a winger.

Former pen mark Recchi looks to be on the move, but not back to the burgh. I liked Recchi, but he has been a pen more times than he should have.

In other news, marian hossa was taken off in the first period against the blues on a stretcher, after a nasty slide into the boards. He had missed the 2 previous games with a neck injury. They kept him overnight for observation. He was said to have feeling in his limbs.

The pens defeated tampa last night. Recchi and roberts both sat out for the bolts. Crosby did not play, but is expected to return soon. It was a great game and how about kunitz? He has been on fire since he arrived. The win continued to boost the pens in the standings and we are solidly in the race for the playoffs now, unlike Tampa.

More as the day progresses.
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