03 February 2009

Pens take on the Habs

Tonight, the Pens were in Montreal taking on the Habs, who recently lost former pens robert lang to and achilles tendon injury. Caputi had his first nhl goal tonight. They did not play a horrible game. I would have liked to have seen the pens get the puck to the net more. I am not sure why we waited, as long as we did, to pull Fleury. We. Just didn't have enough to pull it out, even with the late penelty.

The pens really need to work on playing a solid game and they need to play with a bit of desperation. The team needs to turn it around fast. If not, that dream of making the playoffs will be nothing but that.

On the rumor front, there is not much to say in the world of the pens. There is a lot of talk going around the league, right now. It is pretty quite, when it comes to the pens. More as I hear it.

Sometimes, with Ray Shero, I think that the more quiet it is; there is more that is really going on.
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