15 January 2009


Hey pens fans, I know that I have been a bit MIA, as of late. I have
had some things to deal with that cut drastically into my hockey time,
but I am back and on top of the latest pens news. Last night's game
was a hard blow, when it came to injuries. Crosby took a nasty spill
along the boards and appears to have injured his left leg. It looks
like he was favoring from what I could tell. Scuderi blocked a shot
with his face, which is never a good thing. I would expect he would
miss a game or two. He was bleeding quite significantly and post game
those, who saw him, said he had significant swelling near his eye.
Letang left the game with an injury, but returned to finish the game.
Talbot left the game with an injury, but I am not sure exactly what
was injured. On the rumor front, the Pens are looking, but I do not
have any solid leads. More, as I hear it....
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