08 November 2008

2 for 1 Special

That's right two posts for the price of one...

On Thursday, the Pens defeated the Oilers 5-4, after almost blowing it in the third. We had what seemed to be an unconquerable lead, but they almost proved me wrong on that. It was a heated game and the Pens played well for the first two periods. The third period needs largely to be erased from our memories. It was horrid.

Tonight, the Pens have been strong on a fairly consistant basis through regulation. Malkin's hand seems to be both an issue and a non-issue. It has to be effecting him, but it is not obvious. Sabourin has been pretty good in net tonight. Jordan Staal is playing a strong game tonight. It was great to see him get that goal. Kennedy has played a fantastic game, as well. He has two goals tonight. Sykora scores a great back-hander in the shootout to win it for the Pens. The puck going down Sabourin's pad was just the comical end to a flukey game. Bad ice and all, it was an interesting night for the Pens.


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