20 October 2008

No, I didn't run away.

Hey Pens Fans,

Sorry, for the lack of posts. I am sure many of you recall the rather bad storms that went few SW PA a few weeks ago. Well, ever since, y initernet has been blinking on and off every minute or two. The very abbreviated post that I did get up was nothing much, but all my technical issues seem to be fixed now. It took Comcast long enough.

Saturday's game was amazing. the Peens won the 4-1 decision over the Leafs. Dupuis, Satan, Crosby, and Sykora had the goals. Fleury played yet another spectacular game. Incase you didn't get the memo, it was milestone night at the Igloo. Crosby got his 200th assist. Then, he got his 300th point on his next assist. Then, he got his 100th goal. It was crazy. Malkin got his 200th point. It was crazy. It was hockey. That was one of the strongest games for the team, as a whole.

More on the Pens after tonight's game concludes. Assuming that my internet is still functioning. Let's keep our collective fingers crossed and Let's Go Pens!

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