19 September 2008

Town Meeting

Sorry, for such the delay in my posts, but I lost power Sunday night and just got it back yesterday evening.

I attended the Town Meeting at the Arena yesterday. The stuff about the arena was all old news about the groundbreaking, for the most part. Shero is optimistic about the Penguins upcoming season.

The players that were there for the Q&A were, Crosby, Fleury, Talbot, Malkin, Whitney, and Orpik. The questions were previvously selected. Most focused on favorite playoff moments. Talbot's was Fleury fall going onto the icec in the finals. They talked about training and the upcoming season. It was all routine and fofr the most part answers that you would expect. It was still fun and worth going.

That's it for now. See everyone at the game tomorrow.

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