02 January 2008

Pens Win Winter Classic!

Hey pens fans,

Well, the drive to Buffalo was definetly worth it. The Pens emerged victorious 2-1 in the shoot out. Conklin played an amazing game. The team, as a whole did, as well. The NHL should consider more outdoor games, but I think it should only be every five years or so. That will keep it special. I think if the league did this every year, it would lose some of its magic. Penguin fans travel. Interstates 79 and 90 were like a giant Penguin caravan. Every stop I made, I found Penguin fans along the enitre way. The way there was great with fans waving and showing Pens pride up the interstate. I would guess that there were about 15,000 Penguin fans at that game. That is impressive. The way home was a little dicey, at times. Many cars went off into ditches and hopefully all are okay. It wasn't quite the fun celebration down the initerstate I had ennvisioned. Below are some of my pictures from the game.

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