15 August 2006

The Malkin Saga Continues/rumor

Hey pens fans,
Well, Malkin is somewhere between North America and finland. Hopefully, it all turns out for him. This is what the General Director of his Russian Club had to say, as it appeared on TSN's website. ''We all are really shocked by his departure and we will take legal actions against the NHL club Penguins from Pittsburgh,'' Metallurg general director Gennady Velichkin told Itar-Tass news agency. ''Americans like to speak about democracy and teach the whole world how to live but engage in sport terrorism and simply steal people.'' So, now we steal people? At least we weren't threatening him to play in our country. This will be going on for a while, I supose...
As for the rumor, the Pens have a shot at Carter. More as I get it...

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